Creativity and Neuroscience: Film Screening Why Are We Creative?

Wed 23.10.2019
Screening by EDGE

Join us for the October edition of our meetup and workshop on Creativity and Neuroscience. This time we will be screening WHY ARE WE CREATIVE?

For over 30 years director Hermann Vaske filmed the world’s most intriguing artists and thinkers posing the question: “Why are you creative?”
Why are we creative? Is it in our blood? Do we do it to make ourselves immortal? Is it a reckless compulsion? Or do we simply do it to make a buck? Read More

Posthumanism Reading Group

17th Session: 22.10.2019 (19:00, sharp)
Top: Schillerpromenade 4

During this reading group, we will read and discuss the theory of Posthumanism. Additionally, there will be parallel events and we will invite artists, researchers, academics to present their work. Read More

Mind the Fungi – Workshop Part I (Fall Session)

Mon 21.10.2019, 28.10.20109
Sat-Sun 02-03.11.20109

TopLab is happy to announce a new session of ‘Mind The Fungi’ this fall 2019.
After our extraordinary first experience during the spring season, we are back with a new series of workshops on Mycofabrication and Mushroom Cultivation. At TopLab, your learning experience is crucial, so we have implemented the opinions of our former participants and re-structured the course. In this edition, MtF will offer two independent sets of workshops where both topics will be fully covered. Read More

Komunalfilmfestival Ojo al Sancocho. Filmschau und Live-Dialog.

Thur. 10.10.2019 at 8 PM – 10 PM

TOP Schillerpromenade 4, 12049 Neukölln, Berlin
(Spanisch unten)

Das Ojo al Sancocho Filmfestival findet seit 12 Jahren in Ciudad Bolivar, einem marginalizierten gegend von Bogotá, statt.
Es ist ein Ort für die Realisierung und Ausstellung von Filmen, die in Anlehnung an die Tradition des lateinamerikanischen kommunalen Kinos, partizipativ und mit einem politischen Duktus von den Mitglieder*innen der Gemeinschaften selber realisiert werden. Read More

Trash Palace Berlin

Thur. 26.09.2019
Doors from 20:00, Film at 20:30
Screening will start on time
Free admission!
Free popcorn!
TOP · Schillerpromenade 4 · Berlin 12049 

Summer is coming to a close, but take heart: Trash Palace begins again.

Our first screening of the new season is Vibrations from 1996. Tragedy! Comedy! Romance! DIY Cyborgs! Plus ’90s techno-ish-pop galore – oh yeah.

Read More

Creativity and Neuroscience Workshop: Art Therapy and the Psyche

Mon. 09.09.2019, from 18:00 – 21:00

Join us again at >top in Schillerpromenade 4,

where we welcome you to learn about, discuss, and experience the application and research into art creation as psychological therapy tool. Dr. Michelle Meredyth-Stewart will present how art-making is used in diagnosis and therapy, and lead us through some exercises and experiments for a personal relation to the practice
Read More