Creativity and Neuroscience: Film Screening Why Are We Creative?

Wed 23.10.2019
Screening by EDGE

Join us for the October edition of our meetup and workshop on Creativity and Neuroscience. This time we will be screening WHY ARE WE CREATIVE?

For over 30 years director Hermann Vaske filmed the world’s most intriguing artists and thinkers posing the question: “Why are you creative?”
Why are we creative? Is it in our blood? Do we do it to make ourselves immortal? Is it a reckless compulsion? Or do we simply do it to make a buck? Read More

Posthumanism Reading Group

17th Session: 22.10.2019 (19:00, sharp)
Top: Schillerpromenade 4

During this reading group, we will read and discuss the theory of Posthumanism. Additionally, there will be parallel events and we will invite artists, researchers, academics to present their work. Read More